Email Channels (General Information)

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Email Channels

Every business will have at least one email address. In most cases, this email address might look something like "" or "".

When you create a new email channel in Re:amaze it will also come with its own default email addresses like "" (note the subdomain) that you can use out of the box.

All Re:amaze plans support unlimited email channels so you can add one whenever you need it. Having multiple email channels can offer many advantages for your business:

  1. You can route email messages more effectively by having a dedicated function for each email address. Rather than feeding everything into one inbox which can become tedious to manage, using different addresses can help organize your support volume.
  2. You can run different automation workflows for each email channel.
  3. You can have separate notifications for each email channel.
  4. If you have one or more email channels, customers can pick which address to use to contact you while interacting with the embedded contact forms.
  5. Different staff members can keep track of different email channels.
Email Channel Settings

Your email channels in Re:amaze come with a wide variety of settings. To configure these settings, click on Settings > Email Channels. From this page, click the on the channel name to adjust your channel settings.


Connected Email

To set up your own email address to use with Re:amaze, you'll want to change the connected email. Click on the "Change" button to follow the on-screen instructions for email forwarding. Learn about how to set up email forwarding. Once your email channel is connected you may disconnect it or set up a different forwarding address at any time.

Reply Name

When you're using Re:amaze to reply to emails, your reply name can be changed so customers will see something different based on the selected option.

  • Replying with the channel name would result in something like "From: Acme Support".
  • Replying with the brand name would result in something like "From: Acme Company".
  • Replying with the staff name would result in something like "From: John Smith".
  • You also have the option of replying from the origin-address so that you can set the "From" address and name to the receiving address when available. For example, if you have multiple aliases for the same email box, this will choose the proper alias based on where the original customer email was addressed.
Display Setting (HTML emails)

By default, Re:amaze will show email messages in a condensed format. This condensed format works like plain text email where Re:amaze will do its best to strip away unnecessary content such as signatures and other HTML elements. If you prefer always loading emails in HTML, you'll want to check this option.

Spam Filter Setting

The most reliable way of preventing spam is to stop spam in its tracks within your forwarding email account. This means being proactive in marking things as spam in Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, or perhaps Godaddy email. Re:amaze only receives a copy of forwarded message.

That said, Re:amaze does have its own spam filter which you may choose to enable. After spam filtering is turned on, you can manually mark any conversation as spam as long as that conversation belongs to an email channel with spam filtering turned on. To mark as spam, open the conversation in question and click the "Mark as spam" button. Alternatively, you may check the conversation on the main dashboard and click the "Mark as spam" button there.

Autoresponder Setting

You can enable an email autoresponder for your email channel through this setting here. Simply check "Autoresponder Enabled" and select your autoresponder hours, from name, and the message you'd like to send. Read more about autoresponders.

Satisfaction Survey Setting

Re:amaze offers automated satisfaction surveys for email channels and Classic Chat channels. If you want to enable this feature, please make sure you're subscribed to Re:amaze Plus. If you're interested in this feature as an a-la-carte feature, please contact us at or message us from within your Re:amaze account.

Satisfaction surveys are extremely useful in measuring customer satisfaction holistically after a conversation has ended. You will be able to control the delay, the types of conversations that become eligible, and whether or not you want to ask for additional feedback. Read more about satisfaction surveys and satisfaction ratings.

Channel Signature

Each Re:amaze email channel can have a channel signature designed for branding purposes. Channel signatures appear underneath each staff member's personal signature and can be configured here. Read about channel signatures vs personal signatures.

Custom SMTP settings

If you prefer to deliver emails using your default email service provider such as Gmail, Office 365/Outlook, or another provider, you'll need to enable Custom SMTP. By default, email deliveries are sent via Re:amaze's email service provider, Mailgun. Read about Custom SMTP.

Assistant settings

The Re:amaze Assistant is an automated system designed to help you manage latent support cases such as automatically helping you resolving stale open conversations, auto-archiving stale resolved/closed conversations, or reminding you when X amount of hours elapse on a conversation. Check out this article to learn more about Re:amaze assistant.

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