Enabling Custom SMTP for Gmail

What is Custom SMTP?

Custom SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) refers to the ability to use your own email server instead of relying on the default server provided by a service or platform (in this case, Re:amaze). By setting up Custom SMTP, you can own the deliverability and signing of all email replies that are sent to your customers. Additionally, enabling Custom SMTP will remove the "via Re:amaze" snippet that is included in your emails and send as 'from' your connected email address. Without SMTP, emails are sent as 'from' the Re:amaze email address (e.g. support@acme.reamaze.com).

NOTE: Before you can enable Custom SMTP, you need to have email forwarding setup for your connected Gmail or Outlook account. If you haven't done this already, you can learn how to set up email forwarding here.

Enabling Custom SMTP for Gmail
  • To get started, navigate to Settings > Email Channels. Under the brand settings, you will see an option for Custom SMTP. Click "Off" to be taken to your Custom SMTP settings.


  • Click on the dropdown menu under the SMTP Settings and select Gmail from the list of options. Then click the "Connect Gmail Connection" button.


Next, you will be directed to Gmail to authenticate the connection. Select your Gmail address.

On the next prompt, you'll see that Re:amaze wants to access your Google account. Click "Allow."

Now you're all done! You'll be directed back to your Re:amaze email channel settings and should see a banner at the top of the page that reads: "Success! Gmail SMTP is now set up."

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