Step 6 - Implementing Autoresponders

People need sleep right? Or maybe the occasional office field trip? Big matters aside, it's simply polite to let customers know that you've received their message and will be getting back to them soon. A simple, short, and friendly auto-responder will do wonders for your customer support. Avoid long messages and anything that looks and feels robotic.

Auto-responders are only available for email channels. To implement an auto-responder, click on the "Settings" tab and select "Email Channels". On this page, you'll be able to tell which channels have autoresponders enabled.


Click on "Off" to go the Autoresponder settings screen. Click the"Autoresponder Enabled" checkbox and select whether or not you want to restrict the auto-responder to a time range or always leave it on. You can also set your autoresponder to follow your office hours.


For autoresponders based on office hours, when you're inside of office hours, email autoresponders will turn off. When you're outside of office hours, email autoresponders will turn on. You can edit your office hours by going to "Settings" > "Messaging" > "Office Hours".

Note that autoresponders will be sent once per thread. We also place a 10 minute time limit per recipient to prevent spamming. So if a customer starts a new email thread within 10 minutes of the first thread, another autoresponder will not be sent to that customer. If they send in a new thread after 10 minutes, the customer will receive another autoresponder email.

If you'd like to test your autoresponder, make sure to test it from a separate email address that's not already associated with your Re:amaze account as a staff user.

Click update to save your preferences.

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