Step 1 - Connecting An Email Channel

The first step to taking advantage of Re:amaze's features is to create an email channel. A channel is mapped to one email address and can also be connected to an existing email address on your own domain.

Adding an Email Channel

Let's say you want to manage your current support conversations with Re:amaze. Your current support address is

Click on the "Settings" tab in Re:amaze, click on "Channels" on the left hand side. Click on "Add a new channel".

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At the next screen, make sure you're adding a channel in the right brand. The channel name is what you want to name this channel in Re:amaze. For example, it can be "Acme Support".

Re:amaze will automatically assign an email address to the channel. If you want to use your own email address and have it forwarded into Re:amaze, you can set it up after the channel has been created.

Select the default notification recipients you want for this channel. You can also pick all or none.

For the visibility setting, you can choose to hide it from the public (not shown on any Re:amaze embedded contact forms) or show it to the public (if you have more than one channel, customers can choose which channel to send a message to).

When you're done, click on "Next Step".

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In the next screen, you can either send yourself a test email or connect the email address you'd like.

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Connecting an Existing Email Address

Re:amaze can connect to your existing email address (e.g. support@{}). To do so, click "Connect Email Address" after you've created your email channel or select an existing email channel that you have already created.

Follow the on screen instructions for forwarding and also watch our step by step video tutorial for gmail here: Many other email service providers are similar.

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See how to setup forwarding:

Gmail/Google Apps

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Microsoft Office 365