How are emails and conversations threaded?

In Re:amaze your conversations are threaded by the "In-Reply-To" email header, which is standard for modern email clients. If this header is not provided, Re:amaze will sort the thread by the "References" header on emails.

Lastly, If an email does not include either header, then Re:amaze will fall back to using the "Thread-Topic" header and subject line matching.

Both "In-Reply-To" and "References" headers reference Message IDs, which are unique email identifiers. Re:amaze uses these Message IDs to properly find and thread conversations.

The "Thread-Topic" header does not include any unique email identifiers, which is why its used as a last resort when sorting email threads. Additionally, the system will look for a matching subject line in Re:amaze. Archived and spam conversations are excluded in this type of matching. However, if an incoming email has a matching reply prefix (i.e. "Re:"), Re:amaze will re-open and thread the response in the corresponding archived conversation.

Re:amaze recognizes the following English and non-English reply prefixes and abbreviations:

  • Re:
  • RE:
  • fw:
  • FW:
  • FWD

Non-English prefixes & abbreviations:

Language RE FW
Arabic رد إعادة توجيه
Simplified Chinese 回复 转发
Traditional Chinese 回覆 轉寄
Danish SV (Svar) VS (Videresendt)
Dutch Antw (Antwoord) Doorst (Doorsturen)
Finnish VS (Vastaus) VL (Välitetty)
French REF (Référence) or RE (Réponse) in Canada  TR (Transfert)
German AW (Antwort) WG (Weitergeleitet)
Greek ΑΠ (Απάντηση) or ΣΧΕΤ (Σχετικό) ΠΡΘ (Προωθημένο)
Hebrew השב or תשובה הועבר or העברה
Hungarian  (Válasz) Továbbítás
Italian R or RIF (Riferimento) I (Inoltro)
Icelandic SV (Svara) FS (Framsenda)
Latvian BLS (Balas) TRS (Terusan)
Norwegian Atb. (Atbilde) Pārs. (Pārsūtīts)
Swedish SV (Svar) VB (Vidarebefordrat)
Spanish RE (Respuesta) RV (Reenviado)
Portuguese RES (Resposta) ENC (Encaminhado)
Polish Odp (Odpowiedź) PD (Podaj dalej)
Tamil பதில் முன்னனுப்பு
Turkish YNT (Yanıt) İLT (İlet)
Welsh ATB (Ateb) YML (Ymlaen)

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