Moving & Merging Conversations

Moving Conversations

Customers will sometimes message the wrong channel for support purposes. Maybe they reached out to instead of Don't worry, you can easily move conversation from channel to channel (email and embed conversations only).

You can move a conversation in two different locations:

  1. The main dashboard. Simply check the conversation you wish to move, click on the "Move" button at the top navigation menu and select the correct channel to move it to.
  2. Inside a conversation. Click on the "Move" button to select another channel.


Merging Conversations

Have conversations that are repeats? Maybe a customer is a bit anxious and sent 4 of the same messages over? Or maybe there are two conversations actually talking about the same thing? You can merge those conversations and reply to them as one unified thread.

To merge, you need to select two or more email-based conversations from the dashboard or search result. Then, click on the "Merge" button found at the top navigation menu. The next screen will ask you for the preferred merge order. Pay close attention to the dates as conversations that need to be merged oftentimes have very similar subject lines. Merging is not available for non-email based conversations.

Once you're happy, click on the "Merge" button and Re:amaze will create a conversation including both conversations in the preferred order. You can click to view that conversation as well.

NOTE: Merged conversations cannot be unmerged.


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