Gmail alias forwarding

If you have a primary inbox with different aliases set up, you can have each alias forward to Re:amaze for proper email management. Gmail has the ability to have each alias forward on its own.

Simply go into your Google Settings > See all settingsFilters and Blocked Addresses > Create a new filter, then make sure your alias is added to the "to" field:

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 10.18.33 AM.png

Click Create Filter, then check Forward it to: and either select an existing saved address or add a new one. This address should be your Re:amaze email channel address ( or something similar).

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 10.20.08 AM.png

Once your aliases are set up to forward, make sure to disable any previous forwarding you may have set up under Forwarding and POP/IMAP. From this tab, make sure that you select "disable forwarding."


If you have multiple aliases associated with one email address, you will want to create an email channel for each alias in Re:amaze, otherwise emails from each alias will import into the same channel. To create a new email channel, simply head to Settings > Email Channels > +Add a Channel.


This will allow you to set it up so each alias forwards to its own Re:amaze channel, no workflows needed.

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