Adding a Chat Disclaimer

Unlock a new level of transparency and trust with your customers! With Re:amaze, you can include a privacy policy disclaimer in your chat widget.

  • To set up your chat disclaimer, head over to Settings > Chat and Office Hours, then click 'Manage Chat Settings' for the brand you want to add a disclaimer to. Then, scroll down on the next page until you find the 'Enable Chat Disclaimer' option.


  • Now, just check the box to enable the Chat Disclaimer and make sure to click 'Save Messaging Settings' at the bottom of the page before proceeding.
  • Next, navigate to Settings > Brands > Text Customization. Scroll down to the 'Embeddables' section to find the 'Chat Disclaimer text' field. You can also use the jump-to option at the bottom of the page to locate this field.


  • Here is where you can add any information or details about your unique privacy policy. Once you're done, simply click 'Update Brand.'

Your Privacy Policy will now be visible to customers in your chat widget.privacypolicy.png

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