Forwarding Conversations

Forwarding conversations outside of Re:amaze

You can forward conversation replies to third parties within your Re:amaze dashboard. This is helpful when you need to start a side conversation with a third party but keep the conversation thread intact. Third parties who receive your forward will be able to engage with you in the same conversation, and will be able to see previous exchanges with customers in that email thread. Any customer exchanges after for forwarded message will not be visible to the third party. Customers also will not be able to see your exchanges with the third party.

To forward a message, simply click on the "Forward" tab in the reply box, insert a third party email address (not customer or staff), write your message, and click "Forward". When third parties write back, their messages also arrive as an internal note so relevant context is not lost and privacy is properly managed. You can easily continue the conversation with them by using the dedicated “Reply” link next to their message.


Forwarding conversations within Re:amaze

If you or your support staff forward emails to an existing email channel, Re:amaze intelligently parses out relevant content, creates a new "Unassigned" conversation, logs the original sender (along with the correct "reply-to" address), and notifies everyone on your team.

Re:amaze parses forwarded emails by looking for the most common signs of a forwarded email. For example, Re:amaze looks for “Fwd:" in the subject as well as indented quoted email with “From:” and “To:” headers.

This may not work for non-standard or non-English email clients forwarding emails.

To force Re:amaze to recognize an email as forwarded, you can use the @from special syntax in the first line of your email.

For example, adding the following to the body of the email when forwarding:

Will tell Re:amaze that the email is a forwarded email from

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