Working with Other Team Members

Remember the first tip about Re:amaze? It was designed to be a collaborative platform so staff members can help customers as a collective rather than a one-man(woman) show. To work as a collective on a modern platform like Re:amaze requires the understanding of how some things work.

There are 6 core Re:amaze features to help you work better with teammates.

Internal Notes

Internal notes are messages you can add to a conversation, but they won't be visible to the customer. Only other staff members will be able to see Internal Notes, which makes them a great way to communicate with your team within a conversation thread. When a note is left for a specific member, he or she will receive an email notification or a browser notification (if enabled).

To leave an internal note for a specific staff member, simply add their name to the recipient field.


Notes can also be left without addressing a specific staff member. These notes are visible to everyone on your team but will not trigger any outgoing notifications. We recommend using notes as much as possible if you need help, need to alert someone, or simply to combine it with the Remind feature. For example, if you leave yourself a reminder to follow up with a customer, a generic internal note will help you remember what you need to follow up with.

Using Internal Notes Outside of Re:amaze

If not all of your teammates have a Re:amaze account, you can still use internal notes to communicate with them by forwarding a conversation to their email address. When conversations are forwarded, recipients will receive both your message to them and a summary of the conversation between you and the customer. They can also reply directly within the original conversation without the customer seeing it. These are known as private replies. See this article about forwarding.


If you don't want to forward conversations, you can also email a permalink directly to your teammate. To access the conversation permalink, click on the timestamp under one of the conversations messages. This will take you to the conversation page.


A permalink is an publicly accessible URL to the conversation you're having with a customer.



Re:amaze Presence is a series of features that help you work better as a team. Presence consists of: real-time event logs, agent presence (to see what other agents are doing), and typing presence (the ability to see what customers are typing in live chat before they hit send).

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Presence also helps bring visibility into each other's workflows and allows you to visualize where teammates are and what they're doing. It can help facilitate better coordination and also prevent paths from getting crossed. For example, you can also visualize when other teammates or customers have viewed your replies. Re:amaze will also tell you how many email notifications have been sent to staff members and customers.

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Real time event logs is a running log of actions (or events) performed on a conversation. This helps team members stay on top of who's doing what as well as who did what. These breadcrumbs also bring a sense of responsibility and accountability to each action taken on a customer conversation.

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Through Automation

Automation in Re:amaze are known as workflows. Workflows are a combination of commands that are triggered when specific triggering events and conditions are met. Workflows work well for a variety of scenarios where you don't wish to be constantly monitoring incoming customer messages. Workflows can also be used for internal processes such as:

  • Automatically assigning conversations to staff members
  • Automatically tagging conversations
  • Automatically moving conversations to different channels
  • Automatically setting conversation reminders
  • Automatically add internal notes
  • Automatically forwarding conversations to people
  • and much more

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Through Roles and Permissions

Roles and permissions allow you to differentiate different staff member responsibilities with ease. Giving access and removing access to specific Re:amaze features essentially allows you to structure your team and its member's responsibilities without complicating each member's dashboard.

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Preventative Measures

Re:amaze comes with collision detection features to help prevent staff members from accidentally replying to the same customer with the same message. Collision detection kicks in if two staff members reply to the same customer message within 5 minutes of each other. The second staff member's reply will be placed on hold not not delivered to the customer. The staff member may choose to publish the reply anyways if they feel it isn't a collision but a mere follow up. Collision detection will also send email notifications to the second staff member.

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