Staff Management and Adding New Staff

What is a staff user?

A staff user can be anyone on your customer support / customer success / sales / marketing team that interacts with your customers on a regular basis and who's main responsibilities are to answer questions, resolve issues, and work with other team members to ensure customer happiness. Each staff user will need their own seat within Re:amaze so they can log in

As a helpdesk, live chat, and customer messaging platform, Re:amaze is designed to work efficiently for multiple staff users in a team environment.

Adding staff users

To add a new staff, simply click on the "New Staff" button. Input the new staff member's name, email address (this will be used to send them the invitation to join Re:amaze as a staff), and role. Lastly, pick which channels you'd like the new staff member to receive notifications for. By default, everything is enabled.

Alt Text

You can always change these settings later by coming back to this page or having the staff member edit his/her notifications.


Clicking on the "Action" button will allow you to do several other things:

  1. Edit an existing staff member's profile including his/her name, email, avatar, and notifications.
  2. Delete an existing staff member will remove him/her from the staff list. All previously assigned conversations to the deleted staff member will become unassigned, and all messages written by the deleted staff user will be associated with "Someone". Staff deletions are permanent and irreversible.
  3. You can log in as another staff member to step in and help (admin-only feature).
Aug 18, 2021

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