Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions

You can create different roles for different members of your team. Roles are a flexible way to assign different functions to staff members. Some may just handle sales conversations and others may handle social media conversations. Roles can also have specific permissions settings so you can accurately control access to certain information or data.

To get started with creating a role, first click on the "Settings" menu from your dashboard. Then click on "Roles and Permissions" under "Account."


Start by giving the role a name and a detailed description of what the roles is and what function it serves in the business. You can also automatically default a new staff member addition to the role by clicking on the checkbox underneath "Role Description".

For permissions, select from the list of options:

  1. Manage staff
  2. Manage Account Settings, including Channels, Workflows, and Templates
  3. Manage Account Subscription and Payment
  4. Manage Topics and Articles
  5. Access and Serve Live Chat
  6. Access Account Reports
  7. Restricted Access to Specific Channels (check this option if you want to limit a role to specific channels)
  8. Etc.


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