Adding FAQ banners to Articles and Article Topics

Re:amaze allows you to add banner images to your articles, so that you can further customize your FAQ/Help Site and make your content more branded to your liking.


Adding banner images to your articles can:

  • Help boost your SEO as Google’s algorithms now consider the photos on a website when determining rankings.
  • Help upsell products for you by featuring more product images throughout your site.
  • Make your FAQ consistent with your company's branding.

To add banner images to your existing articles, navigate to Articles > Edit for the article you would like to add a banner image to. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "add image" icon under "Banner Image."

Then click the "Update Article" button to save your changes.


Make sure that you are using high-quality image; we recommend an aspect ratio of 3:1. Use images relevant to the article’s content, and that can help add value for your customers.

Additionally, you can add images to your FAQ article topics, allowing for a more appealing visualization for each topic you cover.


To do this, navigate to "Articles", then select a topic using the article filter on the left. Then click "Edit Topic."


Just like adding a banner image to an article, simply click on the "add image" icon under "Banner Image." Then click the "Update Article" button to save your changes.


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