Status Page: Creating Systems & Incidents

What is a Status Page?

A status page is a web page that provides real-time information about your operational status, scheduled maintenance events, unforeseen issues, etc. Your STatus Page can display updates on incidents and overall service health, offering your customers full transparency.

Re:amaze Status Page is designed to work with two main Re:amaze features: Re:amaze FAQ and Chat. When you publish an incident, the Status Page will appear within your Re:amaze FAQ as well as inside your Chat Widget.

NOTE: Status Page is available in our Pro and Plus plans. If you’d like to add Re:amaze Status Page to your Basic Plan, please reach out to our support team for a-la-carte pricing.

Creating your Status Page

To locate your status page, click on "Settings" then scroll down on the left-side navigator to find the Status Page section with the options "Systems" and "Incidents."

Systems are components of your business that are affected by Incidents. Simply put, a System is what gets affected by a particular Incident. Incidents can be related to multiple Systems.


Before reporting an Incident, you'll first need to create a system.

  • Click "Systems" to access your Systems page. From here, you can filter any existing Systems you have by Brand, or click "+ Add System" to create a new one.
  • Simply give your System a title, select the Brand, and click "Create System."


  • Next, you'll want to create an incident. Click on "Incidents" then "+ Add Incident."


  • You will need to give your incident a title, select the brand the incident is for, and choose the status of the incident.
  • Next, write a message for your incident describing the issue, what's affected, and what customers should expect. Then select one or more of the systems that are effected.
  • When you select a system, a dropdown will appear that allows you to choose the current status of that system.


Status Page Styling

Re:amaze gives you the ability to customize the color-code for the status of each system. Default colors are already provided for you, but if you wish to change them, you can go to Settings > Help Site Appearance Settings.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the Status Page Styling section. Update your colors and click "Update Brand."


We recommend checking your FAQ and front of site to confirm that your status page is appearing as you have designed it.

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