Re:amaze Video Calls

Say hello to Video Calls in Re:amaze! 👋

Video Call is a Plus plan feature that works directly with the Re:amaze chat widget. With the Video Calls feature, your agents will be able to initiate an instant video call with customers while chatting to them and offer services including:

  • live guidance
  • informational sessions
  • custom shopping experiences
  • and more!

Here's everything you will need to know to get started with using Video Calls as a customer support tool.

Starting a Video Call

Video Call is an agent-facing feature which means only agents will be able to initiate a Video Call. Customers may not initiate the video call from their user interface.

Inside of a chat conversation, you'll see a button above the reply box that says Start Video Call. This button will appear when your customer has started the conversation via the Shoutbox or Lightbox chat widgets and is on a desktop device. Video Call is not currently supported on mobile devices.


Clicking the Start Video Call button will prompt the customer to join a video call, they'll see a notification in the conversation to answer the call. When they pick up the call, they'll be prompted for video and audio permissions, and then will join the video call with you.


Once the Video Call has started, you will have a handful of options including:

  • pausing or turning off your video stream
  • muting or disabling your microphone
  • minimizing and maximizing the call screen to write internal notes or reply messages in the conversation
  • hanging up the call


All video calls will have the duration recorded and the data added to the conversation as events. If the call is declined by your customer you'll find a conversation event for when the call was missed.


Customer Experience

When a Video Call is requested, on the customer side they will see one of three notifications:

  • a message in the conversation
  • a Cue notification
  • a notification in the Shoutbox

The request message, answer button, and decline button are all configurable text that you can edit under your brand's text translations (Settings > Brands > Text Customizations).

When your customer answers the call they will see a prompt to enable video and audio permissions, then be taken to join the call. They have all the same call options as you do on the admin side to enable/disable audio and video streaming and to end the call.


Roles and Permissions

Re:amaze Video Calls is available for all users on Re:amaze Plus plans and is enabled by default, account wide. If you prefer to disable the video calling feature for certain staff users please use roles and permissions to restrict access from Settings > Account Settings > Roles and Permissions.


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