Re:amaze Video Calls

Re:amaze gives you the ability to easily initiate video calls with your customers. This allows you provide live guidance for more complicated issues, or offer custom shopping experiences for VIP customers. Video Calls are only available on the Plus Plan.

Starting a Video Call

Inside of a chat conversation you'll see a "Start Video Call" button above the reply box. This button will only be visible if the customer has started the conversation through the Shoutbox or Lightbox chat widgets and is currently online. Additionally, Video Calls are not currently supported on mobile devices.

NOTE: Only agents can initiate a Video Call. Customers may not initiate the video call from their user interface.


Clicking the "Start Video Call" button will prompt the customer to join a Video Call. They'll see a notification in the conversation that reads: "We'd like to start a video call with you!" They will have the option to answer the call or decline it. When a customer answers, they will be prompted for video and audio permissions before joining the call.

Once the Video Call has started, you will have a handful of options including:

  • Pausing or turning off your video stream.
  • Muting or disabling your microphone.
  • Minimizing and maximizing the call screen to write internal notes or reply messages in the conversation.


All video calls will have the duration recorded and the data added to the conversation as events. If the call is declined by your customer you'll find a conversation event for when the call was missed.

Customer Experience

When a Video Call is requested, on the customer side they will see one of three notifications:

  • A message in the conversation
  • A Cue notification
  • A notification in the Shoutbox
Roles and Permissions

By default, the Video Calls are enabled for all staff members. If you prefer to disable Video Calls for certain staff members, you can do so by navigating to Settings > Roles and Permissions. Click on the name of the staff member you want to disable video calls for and from here, simply deselect "Access Video Call" and click "Save Role" when you're done.


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