Enhancing Customer Conversations with AI Tools

Revolutionizing conversations with Re:amaze AI

Re:amaze offers a full lineup of AI tools that can transform the way your business handles customer conversations, by generating conversation summaries, quick responses, etc. Let's take a closer look at some of our core features:

Conversation Summary

Within the right-rail of each conversation you will find a section called “Conversation Summary”. Click "Summarize" and a conversation summary will be automatically generated for you. This is especially helpful if your conversations are passed between agents, or if you simply need a refresher.

It's important to note that you can only summarize a conversation after 10 messages have been sent in a conversation thread. After you generate a summary, you can generate a new summary every 5 messages.


Conversation Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis feature helps you quickly gauge customer sentiment. This is particularly useful when conversations are passed between agents, as it helps the next agent understand if the issue has been resolved or not. It also allows you to ask direct questions about the conversation, such as "Is the customer upset?"

To generate a customer sentiment, simply click "scan for sentinemt" or click "Ask About This Conversation" to ask a specific question about the conversation.


Message Response Generation & Quick Responses

When drafting a new message to a customer, you’ll see the some AI buttons below the response form. If you have written a simple response with basic information you can select "Improve what I've written" to give your message more personality and provide a more helpful tone. The generated response will be formed by the information you provided, as well as the previous messages within the thread.

Additionally, there will be suggested quick responses that are generated based on conversation that you can use to quickly respond if not much detail is needed.


Response Templates

Response templates are often referred to as macros or canned responses. When creating a response template you can click on the "Improve what I've written" button to build on the message you've written.

response template.png

AI-generated response messages will have access to dynamic variables and will automatically add them to response messages when necessary. The following dynamic variables can be used:

  • {{ brand.name }}
  • {{ customer.name }}
  • {{ customer.friendly_name }}
  • {{ customer.email }}
  • {{ customer.data['ATTRIBUTE'] }}
  • {{ thread_url }}
  • {{ fields['ATTRIBUTE'] }}
  • {{ staff.name }}
  • {{ staff.display_name }}
  • {{ staff.friendly_name }}
  • {{ staff.email }}

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