Subscribed Channels (For Notifications)

Subscribed Channels

Before picking what types of notifications you want, you need to pick which channels you want notifications from. This is central to keeping your notifications well managed. If you choose to receive zero notifications for a particular channel, it's not necessary to uncheck the various types of notifications. Simply unsubscribe to that channel!

To get to your Subscribed notification settings, click on your staff avatar on the top right-hand corner of your dashboard and select "Notification Settings".


Recommendation: Subscribe to notifications for only the channels you'll be working in. For example, if your team has a dedicated social media manager and your support duties don't include social media, uncheck all social media channels.


Subscribed Channels and Roles

You may or may not be able to subscribe to certain channels based on your assigned role and permission settings. If you are not seeing specific channels that you expect to see, please check with your admin or manager to make sure your role has access to these channels.

Your list of subscribed channel options may also differ from other staff members based on your admin or manager's preferences when certain channels are created. For example, when creating a new email, social, SMS, or VOIP channel, managers are allowed to select which staff members are subscribed to that channel by default.


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