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Attentive is a powerful SMS marketing solution designed for eCommerce businesses that enables brands to provide personalized experiences with their customers through text messaging. Connect Attentive as an SMS channel in your Re:amaze account to allow your customer support team to directly answer text messages within your Re:amaze inbox.


Already an existing Attentive and Re:amaze customer? Follow the instructions below to learn how to connect Attentive to your Re:amaze account.


From your Re:amaze account, navigate to your SMS channel settings from Settings > Channels > SMS Channels. From the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the page, select Add a Custom SMS provider.

Note: You will need to be on a Re:amaze subscription plan that supports SMS channels. You can double check your subscription plan from your subscription settings page or double check with a member of our team (


You can select the brand you would like to connect this channel to, as well as add an internal-facing channel name. You'll also be able to choose whether or not you would like to display this channel in your embeddable chat widget (note that this will only appear when accessing the chat widget from a mobile device).

Paste the following in the Webhook URL field:{company_id}

You will need to update the {company_id} variable with your unique company ID provided by Attentive. If you're unsure of your company ID, contact Attentive's White Glove team ( for this information.

Then you'll input your SMS Number from Attentive; this would be your company’s shortcode.

You'll then be able to select the staff members that would be subscribed to notifications for this channel.


Once this is done, be sure to save your channel!

From your Attentive account, navigate to your integration setup page and Select Re:amaze.

On that page, you'll want to enter the following details:

  • Webhook Secret: This would be the shared secret from the Re:amaze SMS channel settings page. See above screenshot.
  • Webhook Phone Number: This is the SMS Number/shortcode entered in Re:amaze.
  • Support Confirmation: By default, this setting is on so that SMS replies are forwarded to Re:amaze only if the Support Confirmation Keyword is provided. If this setting were toggled off, all SMS replies will be forwarded to your Re:amaze account. It is recommended to keep this setting toggled on.

Lastly, click Set up integration.

Congratulations! You've successfully connected Attentive with Re:amaze!

If you're having any trouble setting up your Attentive SMS channel, please reach out to the White Glove team at Attentive (

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