Step 5 - Adding Your Signature

Your signature represents who you are and what your role is at the company. Since Re:amaze is a collaborative helpdesk system, you may choose to have multiple staff or a single staff with multiple personas for multiple brands. Therefore, it's important to setup your signature before you start conversing with customers.

To add a signature, click on the "Settings" tab and click on "Signature" under the personal settings block. You may write the desired signature here.

Alt text

Please note that the signature box accepts Markdown, a simple lightweight markup language. You can refer to it here.

Signatures are appended whenever you reply to a message. Re:amaze will not display the sent signature in order to keep the UI clean.

Troubleshooting: If your signature is not detected, and Re:amaze is showing your signature

This can happen when our signature detection algorithm cannot detect your signature (for example, if your signature is too long). Please reformat your signature as follows:

  1. ensure the first line of your signature contains only two hyphens --
  2. ensure that each line of text in your signature has 59 or fewer characters
  3. ensure that your signature (including the line with two hypens) do not exceed 15 lines