Step 4 - Creating Your Staff Profile

Customers want to know who they're talking to and interacting with. Being professional yet personal is a key element of success in customer support, which is why it's important that you put together your personal staff profile.

Your Staff Avatar

When you reply to customer messages, Re:amaze appends your avatar to the outgoing message. Your customers will immediately recognize who you are and they'll feel comfortable talking to a real human being. Your avatar is available for customers to see through the Shoutbox or Lightbox chat widgets, and in email threads.

We recommend each staff member upload an image of their face as their avatar. When customers receive a reply from you or your staff members, they'll see an actual person representing your company, rather than a generic "support team".

To upload your staff avatar, go to Settings > Staff > Actions > Edit. This will take you to your staff profile page. Click on the avatar icon to upload an image from your computer.


NOTE: Avatar images in Re:amaze are 70px x 70px for display purposes, but due to the prevalence of retina and high-density displays, we recommend uploading an avatar that's at least two or three times that resolution (140px x 140px or 210px x 210px). A square image with adequate space around the borders should work well so that it’s centered properly.

Your Staff Email

Your staff email address is used only for receiving Re:amaze notifications, allowing other staff members to communicate with you within Re:amaze. It is never shown to customers. If you need to change your staff email, you'll need to have another staff member change it for you.

Your Staff Password

When you're first invited to join a customer service team in Re:amaze, you're asked to set your password. However, things happen and you might forget. If you're already logged in and would simply like to change your password, you can do so by going to Settings > Personal Settings > Change Password. You can also change your password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link on the login screen for your Re:amaze account.

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