Reporting by conversation origin

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In addition to being able to find metrics based on specific brands and channels, sometimes, you may want to run metrics based on the origin of the message for non social, live chat, or SMS/MMS channels.. Most Reamaze reports allow you to narrow down the scope of the metric you're looking for to just email, your Reamaze Embeds, or via API.

For example, if you're looking for a volume report on your channel, a report that just shows you an overall metric for that entire isn't really detailed enough. may be email messages, messages that customers submit through your embedded form, or even created via our API. The origin filter will allow you drill down the specific origin.

To use the origin filter, first select the report you want to run, select the "Brand", then a non live chat, social, or SMS/MMS channel, and then pick the origin you wish to look at.

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