Individual Staff Reports

The individual staff report is meant to shed light on per-agent performances across a specific channel and time frame. Let's take a look at the metrics available at your disposal.

Summary Metrics

The summary metrics section gives you an at-a-glance view at how a specific staff is performing given a certain time frame. The two main metrics here are Responses and Avg Response Time. These metrics are based on messages and not conversations. For example, if you see 20 Responses, that means the staff responded to 20 messages in the time frame. You can also refine these metrics to "This Month", "Last Month", "This Week", and "Last Week."


Time Frame Metrics and Live Chat Metrics

Time frame metrics show you metrics based on conversations rather than messages, unlike the summary metrics. For example, this section includes how many appreciations the staff user received, how many conversations originating from the time frame are resolved (in which the staff user was a participant), how many conversations are archived (in a similar capacity to resolved), and what the average thread size was averaged across all conversations in which this staff user participated. If your account is using customer satisfaction surveys, the staff user's average rating will also be displayed here.


Messages Per Day and Response Times

This graph shows you a trend of how active the staff member is by measuring the number of messages he or she is delivering across a certain time frame broken down by individual days. The volume trend also gives you a good idea for when the staff member is most busy.



Staff Member Comparison

You can compare an individual staff member’s performance against the average staff member performance. By default, the average staff member performance is calculated across your entire team, but you can narrow your scope to the average of a specific department. This is useful for highlighting an individual’s and the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Click "Comparison" then select the department and click "Generate Report."


Satisfaction Rating and Recent Replies

Toward the bottom of the individual staff report are satisfaction ratings for the unique staff member and a running list of recent replies sent by the staff member. Managers can use this individual staff report to monitor support quality.

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