Understanding Conversation States

Re:amaze Conversation States

When transitioning from another helpdesk platform, it's important to understand how conversation states work in Re:amaze. By understanding Re:amaze's conversation states, you can effectively manage and prioritize your support tickets, streamline your workflow, and provide timely responses to your customers.


This is Re:amaze's version of an open or pending conversation/ticket.


This is Re:amaze's version of a closed or solved conversation/ticket. Customers can revive or reopen a resolved conversation by simply replying to the conversation again.


The awaiting state shows you unresolved conversations that are unassigned or assigned to you.


Archiving messages help clear away the clutter. You may choose to archive any conversation when you're done with them and want to store them in a virtual file cabinet. Archiving does not delete the conversation and merely locks it away for safe-keeping.

Archiving works on a channel basis. This means you can access archived messages for specific channels by clicking on the "Archived" link under each channel. You may also review all archived conversations by clicking the "Archived" link under "All Conversations".

Unarchiving conversations will bring the conversation back to your main dashboard and to its original channel. Unarchiving conversations will not change the status that it is in. Since archiving will automatically mark all "Unresolved" conversations as "Resolved", unarchiving the conversation will not restore its "Unresolved" status. To search for archived messages, you will need to initiate the search while in the "Archived" box.


Auto-Resolved conversations are conversations that have been resolved by the Re:amaze Assistant. They have the same traits as other resolved conversations.

Chatbot Resolved

Conversations in a state where a Re:amaze Chatbot was able to help the customer successfully and sent into the resolved state either because the customer indicated that they've been helped or if they didn't respond and you haven't elected for these unresponded-to conversations to be escalated.


Conversations with an active reminder set for a future date will be in the on-hold status. On-hold conversations are also resolved by default.


When you're assigned a conversation, you receive on-going and active notifications for conversation messages.


When you're unassigned from a conversation, you will no longer receive notifications when the conversation is updated with new messages.

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