Sending outbound messages using New Message

You can manually send outbound messages to customers within your Reamaze account. This is helpful when you need to reach out to a customer if they did not previously engage with you. Reamaze does not support bulk outbounds.

To send an outbound message, click on the "New Message" dropdown menu. Select "New Message".

You need to select the channel you wish the message to originate from. Pay attention to the channel names and brand names. Sending a message from the wrong channel can be very embarrassing :)

Next, enter the recipient names. You can input email addresses or parts of names. Reamaze will search through your contacts and pre-fill the list if anything matches.

Finally, enter your message content. You can also attach files at this time. When you're done, press send!

NOTE: You can also send a new outbound message from the customer's profile screen. You will not need to prefill the customer's email address or name if you do it from this screen.