Setting up Custom SMTP

Custom SMTP Authentication

Reamaze can be configured to send directly from your own email server. By doing this, you can own the deliverability and signing of all email replies that are sent to your customers.

To get started, you can enable Custom SMTP for any individual email channel under Settings > Channels. You'll need your email server hostname port domain, username, and password to authenticate. Reamaze supports SMTP over TLS if you're using a secure email server (which we highly recommend).

Removing the "via Reamaze" or "on behalf of" snippet

The "via Reamaze" snippet is because of DKIM signing on our SMTP servers. Many email services will display this when Reamaze's email servers are sending emails on behalf of your domain. Enabling Custom SMTP will remove this snippet from your emails.

Gmail and G Suite

Note that to use direct SMTP authentication on Google email services, you'll need to enable "Less Secure Apps" access so that Reamaze can connect via your SMTP credentials.

NOTE: In the instance where you cannot authenticate your login for SMTP, you may need enable access after you've enabled "Less Secure Apps" by going to and

Gmail and G Suite Aliases

If you want to send with a different From address than the username that you're using to authenticate into your Custom SMTP account, you'll need to make sure you have the sending emails added properly in Google Mail. By default, aliases can only receive, but cannot send.

You can add a sending alias by going to Settings -> Accounts -> Send mail as -> Add another email address you own -> And then adding the email alias.

See the following screenshot for a visual reference:

Custom SMTP Alias