What is the AI FAQ Bot?

The AI FAQ Bot enhances customer support by automatically suggesting relevant FAQ articles to customers based on their question and follow-up messages. The AI FAQ Bot will save time for your team as well as your customers, allowing them to more quickly find answers to their questions and self service. As you continue to update your FAQ, the AI FAQ Bot will update and learn its contents automatically. It’s a completely hands-off process.

Previously, the FAQ Bot was only able to trace keywords to match articles to a customer's question. The new AI FAQ Bot will:

  • More accurately present the customer with only one article related to their question.
  • Pull information from the article and craft a message that will answer the customer's question.


Enabling the AI FAQ Bot

Before you enable the AI FAQ bot:

  1. You must have a Re:amaze FAQ with articles published in the Public state
  2. You may only use either the FAQ Bot or the AI FAQ Bot - both cannot be used at the same time.

To enable the AI FAQ Bot, navigate to Settings > Chat Bots > Manage Bots. From this page, simply check the "AI FAQ Bot" and make sure to drag and drop the AI FAQ Bot to the priority you prefer. Save your setting and that's it.


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