Response Templates (Saved Replies, Canned Responses)

Response templates are sometimes called "macros" or "canned responses", but we call them Response Templates and they can help you quickly address questions that are commonly asked by your customers. To get started, go to your Settings > Response Templates.

Creating Response Templates

To get started, go to your Settings > Response Templates. From this page, simply click "Add Template."


The Response Template page will allow you to:

  1. Select the brand that the Response Template will be available for.
  2. Select the group the Response Template will belong to.
  3. Give the template a name that's easily identifiable. Stay away from generic names that can be confusing.
  4. Write the response template message. You can easily embed images and videos here.
  5. One great feature is the name variable. If you want to automatically insert the customer's full name, use the {{ }} variable to do so. If you want to only use the customer's first name, we recommend using something like {{ | split: ' ' | first }}.
  6. You can click on the "Improve what I've written" button to use Re:amaze's built in AI and build on the message you've written. AI-generated responses will also have access to dynamic variables and will automatically add them to response messages when necessary.

NOTE: When replying to customers in bulk, Response Templates containing variables will not be usable. Only Response Templates that do not contain variables can be applied to bulk replies.


Using Response Templates

You can easily insert Response Templates when you're responding to customers. Click on the book icon at the top-right hand corner of the reply box and select the Template you wish to use. If you added your Response Template to group, you can filter by group to more quickly find the Template you're looking for.


In addition to filtering by group, you can use the "Search/Filter" button to quickly locate a Template. This is especially helpful if your team uses a large amount of Response Templates. However, this search option will only be available if you have six or more Response Templates Created.

Once you click "Search/Filter", a modal will appear with a search bar at the top and your Templates organized by group below.


Lastly, the forward slash “/” hotkey can also be used as a quick search option. After typing “/”, simply start typing out the name of the  Template you need.


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