Step 7 - Adding Response Templates

Response templates, also known as canned responses and sometimes as macros, is an efficient way for your support staff to reply to high volume messages.

Any staff member can create and edit response templates that are shared across your support team. We recommend using response templates to quickly populate your outgoing message with common replies or answers to recurring questions.

To add a response template, click on the "Settings" tab and select "Response Templates" on the left hand side. When prompted, click "Create Response Template".


Select the brand you want to assign this response template to. Some templates are irrelevant to certain brands so make sure to properly categorize them. Give the response template a name and fill out the body with desired content. Please note that the text box currently takes Markdown, a simple markup language. You can refer to it here. You can also append the customer's name automatically by using the variable field: {{ }}


To access your response template while composing new messages, click on the "book" icon right above the composition box to bring up your templates. Select a template and click "OK". This will insert the template into the body of your message for further editing.


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