What is Re:amaze Multi-Brand?

Re:amaze is a multi-brand capable platform. That means you can easily create and manage several different business operations, business stores, or business identities using one paid Re:amaze account. Multi-brand is especially helpful since each brand has its own unique settings, its own email and social media channels, its own chat widget configuration, its own chatbots, and its own Help Site and FAQ, etc.

For example, if you're looking to deploy two different configurations of Re:amaze Chat, you'll need to create a new Brand so the second configuration can be managed separately. The same applies if you would like to manage your emails, social media, SMS, and VOIP channels separately. Each Brand in Re:amaze comes with its own FAQ as well!

Having multiple Brands will also allow you to leverage the Roles and Permissions feature to give certain staff members access only to certain Brands. Doing so gives you the ability to manage multiple teams in a single Re:amaze account without running the risk of cross-brand/channel communication.

Multi-Brand is available in Re:amaze Pro plans and above.

Managing Brands

To add or manage a Brand, click on "Settings" and select the first option titled "Brands". From here, click "Add a brand" to add a new brand, or click "See all settings" to edit your existing brands.


From your brand's page, you can add all of your brand's basic information, including name, avatar, logo, etc.


You can also format the look of your Help Site (FAQ)

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