WooCommerce: How-To

Re:amaze integrates natively with WooCommerce and WordPress to power your conversations with customer data. The integration supports WooCommerce 3 or newer and WordPress 4.4 or newer.

You can start the integration process by going to your Re:amaze account and clicking on ⚙️Settings > Apps and Integrations > WooCommerce. Review the requirements and click on + Connect a WooCommerce Store.


Once you’ve authenticated Re:amaze to connect to your WooCommerce account, you’ll be able to verify the settings by clicking on Manage Settings.


Make sure to select the correct Brand and input the Store Name and Store URL. You also need to verify your API Credentials.


Once integrated, the WooCommerce module will display the order information based on the email address the customer used to contact you. You can pin a specific order to a conversation for quick access to the order being discussed in the thread.

You’ll also be able to process refunds directly from the module.

woocommerce module.png

The WooCommerce integration provides visibility into shipping and tracking data.


You can update the order and payment status on the module as well as add order notes.



You’ll also be able to insert WooCommerce products into your replies to customers, making product recommendations simple.

Click on the WooCommerce logo above the reply box. A pop-up window will appear where you can select the products you want to include in your response. You can search through your product listings, including unpublished products to offer special promotions or discounts to the customer.


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