Twilio: How-To

Your Twilio SMS/MMS number can be connected to Re:amaze alongside your other channels. When customers send you a text message through Twilio, you’ll be able to receive that text message in your shared inbox and collaborate with your teammates on it. Replies sent from Re:amaze will be delivered to the customer via text message by Twilio.

What you can do with Twilio
  • Receive SMS/MMS messages sent by customers in Re:amaze shared inbox
  • Respond to SMS/MMS messages
  • Collaborate on SMS messages with other agents
  • Send and receive image attachments
  • Run automated workflows on SMS/MMS messages
Getting started

To connect your Twilio, start by logging into your Twilio account (or sign up here) and locate your Account SID and authentication token (key).

Next, log into your Re:amaze dashboard and go to Settings > Mobile Channels and click “+ Add a SMS Channel”. Select Twilio as the provider and enter the Account SID and authentication token (key). Make sure to fetch your phone number to verify that everything is setup properly.



Click "Update" and wait for the confirmation message. Once added, you will then be able to receive and send SMS/MMS messages to customers!


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