Stripe: How-To

Stripe Integration

If you’ve ever been frustrated with accepting payments and processing subscriptions as an online business, then you’ve heard of Stripe. Stripe’s full stack payments features, developer friendly nature, and ultra flexible payments/checkouts platform can be said to have changed the playing field for eCommerce.

With a few simple clicks, you’ll be able to synchronize your Stripe customer database with Re:amaze. You’ll be able to view the following customer information seamlessly during a customer conversation provided they use a matching email in both Re:amaze and Stripe.

  • View customer detail
  • View latest customer charge
  • View all charges
  • View each charge’s details
  • Process refund for a charge
  • View most recent subscription
  • View all subscriptions
  • Cancel subscriptions

To get started, go to Settings > Apps & Integrations, then select “Stripe" to connect your account.


You will then be taken to the connection page, where you simply need to click "Connect with Stripe."


You will then be prompted to log into your Stripe account, or create a new one if you don't yet have a Stripe account set up.


You will need to authorize Re:amaze so that it can pull data from your Stripe account. After you have authorized Re:amaze, your account will be connected.

Once your account is connect, your customer’s Stripe information will be available within the Right Rail of your inbox. Here you can:

  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Process refunds
  • View payment history


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