ShipStation: How-To

Integrating your ShipStation account allows you to access key order information from ShipStation directly in your Re:amaze account. Additionally, if you use Shopify with ShipStation, the two integrations together can help you access shipping information in a more accurate manner.

Connecting ShipStation

To get started, you will first need to retrieve your API keys from ShipStation.

  • Log into your ShipStation account and navigate to Settings > API Settings. On this page you can copy your API Key and API Secret.


The rest of the connection process will be done in Re:amaze. Navigate to Settings > Apps & Integrations and select ShipStation from the list of apps.


Next, provide the API Key and API Secret from your ShipStation account. You will also need to copy your ShipStation account subdomain, which can be found in your browser's address bar. Click "Save Credentials."


Your ShipStation account will now be connected to Re:amaze and customer order data will be available to you within the right rail of your conversations.

It's important to note that the ShipStation integration matches customer data by name and the Shopify integration matches by email. Below is an example of shipping and fulfillment data match based on customer name.

Re:amaze will link you directly to your customer's orders. If you are using ShipStation v3, you can simply click on the order number. If you are still using ShipStation v2, click on the link that reads "Link for Shipstation v2."


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