Ordoro: How To

Re:amaze integrates with Ordoro for quick access to customer order information, order status, fulfillment status, and shipping information.

Connecting Ordoro

To get started, you will first need to retrieve your API keys from Ordoro.

  • Log into your Ordoro account and navigate to Account Settings > API Keys > Edit. From this page you will need to copy both your Client ID and Client Secret.


  • The rest of the connection process will be done in your Re:amaze account. Navigate to Settings > Apps & Integrations, then select Ordoro from the apps page.


  • Click "Connect" for the brand you'd like to connect your Ordoro account to (if you manage multiple brands).


  • This is where you'll enter your API keys from Ordoro. Provide your Client ID and Client Secret and click "Save API Information."


  • Now that your Ordoro account is connected, you will see customer and order data within the Ordoro section in the Conversations right-rail. Keep in mind that Re:amaze will only display Ordoro data when the customer's email address matches the address they use with Ordoro.


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