LoyaltyLion: How-To

The LoyaltyLion integration for Re:amaze allows you to:

  • See customer loyalty history
  • Customer enrollment date
  • Customer ID
  • Number of rewards claimed
  • Total approved points
  • Points currently pending
  • Points spent
  • The ability to give/add points
  • The ability to remove points
Getting Started

To get started with LoyaltyLion, start by going to Re:amaze account. Click on Re:amaze Settings > Apps > LoyaltyLion.

Select the store you wish to connect a LoyaltyLion account to. When you connect, LoyaltyLion will ask for permissions. Please approve these permission requests.

Once your LoyaltyLion account is connected to Re:amaze, you’ll be taken back to Re:amaze to confirm and finalize.

Using the Integration

Re:amaze will LoyaltyLion data for every customer with a matching email address. Contacts in your Re:amaze Contacts database will in most cases match your Shopify customer database as well.

To look for LoyaltyLion data, scroll down on the right navigation panel until you see the LoyaltyLion section.

To give or remove points, please click on “Give Points” or “Remove Points”. Enter the desired value and reason so it can be recorded in LoyaltyLion.

To verify the changes are updated you can look for the contact in LoyaltyLion and verify the point totals, date added, and the reason for the adjustments.

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