Yotpo: How-To

Connecting Re:amaze and Yotpo

You’ll be able to bring in product reviews and loyalty data to your Re:amaze dashboard with one unified integration! To connect Re:amaze with Yotpo, you’ll of course need an account for each platform. Start by logging into each. On the Re:amaze side, head over to “Settings” and then “Apps”. Look for Yotpo in the list and click in.

Select the brand you would like to connect your Yotpo account to. You can always change this later. Make sure to authorize the connection by following the on-screen instructions.

Once your accounts are connected, you’ll see a verification message.

Customer Product Reviews

When customers leave verified reviews, Yotpo captures these reviews automatically and displays them on your storefront’s product pages.

This customer is Marvin. On Yotpo’s Reviews & Ratings dashboard, you can see his verified review as well as information about him.

When Marvin contacts you through one of your Re:amaze channels such as email, chat, chatbot, contact form, or even social media, Re:amaze will be able to look up the customer’s review and display it next to your conversation.

Customer Product Reviews & Loyalty Rewards

For customers with both Yotpo product reviews and loyalty points message you through Re:amaze, the integration will display multiple data points.

This is Rebecca. Rebecca currently has 9,630 loyalty points from signing up for an account and for making a purchase. This data is displayed in your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals dashboard.

In addition, Rebecca has also left a 5-star review for a product she purchased.

This data is also shown inside Yotpo’s Reviews & Ratings dashboard.

When Rebecca messages your team through Re:amaze, your Re:amaze dashboard will show Rebecca’s reviews and loyalty points data next to her message!

If you’re currently using Re:amaze, you’ll be able to connect multiple Yotpo accounts to various brands you’re currently running in Re:amaze.

You can find Yotpo's installation instructions here.

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