Klaviyo: How-To

Klaviyo Integration

The Klaviyo integration with Re:amaze will allow you to see which lists a customer is subscribed to and also gives you the ability to add a contact to an existing list, remove them from an existing list, or move them to an existing list.

What you can do with Klaviyo
  • See contact email address
  • Subscribe contacts to existing lists
  • Unsubscribe contacts from existing lists
  • Move contacts from one list to another

To get your account connected, go to Settings > Apps & Integrations and select Klaviyo.


If you manage multiple brands, click "Connect" for the brand you want to connect Klaviyo to.


On the next page you will be prompted to provide your Klaviyo API Key. You can find your keys in your Klaviyo Account Settings page. Copy your API key from Klaviyo and paste it into this field. Once you're done, click "Save API Key."


Once your account is connected, you will see a Klaviyo section in the right-rail of your conversations. You can quickly subscribe and unsubscribe customers from your lists by simply selecting or deselecting a certain list.


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