Contact Forms

Having a contact form on your website provides a convenient way for visitors to communicate with you without needing to open their email client or make a phone call. It enhances accessibility without creating the expectation of a live chat.

Creating your Contact Form
  • To create your contact form, head to Settings > Contact Forms.
  • From the contact form page, click "+ New Contact Form" and this will take you to the Contact Form builder. The first step of the builder will prompt you to select which brand the contact form is for and to choose between a large and default font size. You will also need to give your Contact Form a name.


  • Next, you can add a custom field to your Contact Form. These fields allow you to request extra information from customers before they submit their inquiry. To learn more about Custom Fields, check out this article.


  • In the last step of the builder, you can provide a default subject line for all Contact Form inquires, leave it open for customers to write their own, or remove the subject line entirely by checking the "Hide Subject" box.
  • You are also able to let customers select which channel their contact form is being submitted to (based on your channel visibility settings), or have it default to a specific channel.


  • Once you're done building your Contact Form, Re:amaze will provide you with a script. Copy the script and insert it into the bottom of your embed page.
  • Then, copy the code below the script and place it in your HTML.


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