What are Cues?

Re:amaze Cues give you the ability to proactively send messages/prompts/notifications to online customers. This extremely powerful tool helps you engage customers efficiently by using rules and conditions to identify cohorts of customers.

Some common Cues include:

  • Up-selling a product
  • Cross-selling another product
  • Targeted promotions
  • Announcing holiday, special, and VIP events
  • Website and cart abandonment
  • Invitations to chat
  • Guiding customers to specific forms or other actions
  • Greeting customers based on their behavior
  • and much more

Cues can be created using the specific builder found in your settings menu and can be saved for future reference and editing. Cues work in conjunction with your Re:amaze Shoutbox, Lightbox, or as a standalone embeddable (with the base installation of reamaze.js).

Cues are also a starting point for Re:amaze Custom Chatbots.

When used in conjunction with a Shoutbox or Lightbox, Cues will inherit the same theme color and attributes belonging to your Shoutbox or Lightbox. To edit or change these configurations, use the Embeddable builder to do so.

Before proceeding, we highly recommend installing the Re:amaze Shoutbox/Lightbox.

Creating Cues

Go to Settings >> Cues, then click "+ New Cue".

Under the Get Started section, first pick the brand you want the Cue to display for. Make sure this matches the current Shoutbox/Lightbox implementation you have on your site. Re:amaze automatically builds three example Cues for you, which you can edit or remove they aren't needed.


Next, give your Cue a name for easy referencing. This name is internal and not displayed to customers. Proceed to compose the message you want the Cue to display. This can be anything from telling customers about a discount, a sale, or announcing a new feature. It's up to you!

Under User, pick the avatar you want to use for the Cue message. You can pick from several options including a team avatar, individual avatar, or a custom avatar.


Under Action Buttons you can opt to include a CTA (call-to-action) alongside your Cue message. This is recommended if you'd like to take customers to a specific URL (like their account page, shopping cart, etc). Give you button a name and the URL (or custom JavaScript) to attach. You can add additional buttons if you want and they'll be displayed underneath the button preceding it.

If you would like to extend your Cues' capabilities by adding a Custom Chatbot, you will need to add at least one action button as a Quick Response type button.


Next, you'll want to set up some rules and conditions for the Cue. Any given user must satisfy these rules and conditions in order for the Cue to trigger and display. There are many to choose from so pick wisely! If you're unsure, create an easy Cue rule and you can always come back to edit it or create more later on. You can create multiple rules for your Cue.

Lastly, you may turn on or off certain advanced features.

  • Transient: Select this option if you'd like the Cue to disappear when the customer navigates to a different page
  • Bots enabled: Select this option if this Cue has an associated Custom Chatbot
  • Enable custom fields: Select this option if you'd like your Shoutbox/Chatbox embeddable has custom field options
  • Disable Cue click: Select this option if you don't want customers to click on the message itself to start a conversation and only allow them to click on the Action Buttons.


Pro Tip: If you'd like to create complex rules using custom JavaScript, you can leverage our notifications API to append additional rules.

When you're done setting up your Cue, click "Done" and we'll provide you the JavaScript needed to paste into your site/store's HTML.

Implementing Cues

Implementing your Cue(s) is as easy as implementing your Reamaze Shoutbox/Lightbox. If you're not using one of our supported eCommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce, the preferred method is to use our Google Tag Manager integration.

If you don't want to use Google Tag Manager, you'll need manually install the Re:amaze Shoutbox and Cues. Once you have copied your Cue JavaScript code, head on over your site's HTML theme/editor and paste it next to your Shoutbox/Lightbox script (this should be between your <head> / </head> tags.

Alt Text

Once complete, save your work and refresh your site to test your Cue. Remember, all Cues will be displayed according to the rules you've assigned to it. If your Cue is not to show until the 9th visit, you won't be able to trigger it successfully until the 9th visit.

Note: Each Cue (built with the Cue Builder) you create is displayed only once per customer (until they clear their cookies). Advanced users of Reamaze Cue should leverage the Notifications API to control time-based configurations. Advanced users should also visit the Cues API for further reference.

Updating Cues

You can update all existing Cues by clicking on Settings and then Cues. You can then click on the "Edit" link to edit a Cue, click on the "View Code" link to see the JavaScript for the Cue, or click on the "Delete" link to delete the Cue.

All Cues are listed based on their created time and in chronological order. You may scroll through your list of Cues and get a glimpse of the message and configuration itself.

Shopify Liquid Rules in Cues

If you'd like to expand the power of Cues, you may use Shopify Liquid rules in Cues for more advanced functionality. See this article here.

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