How do I remove Re:amaze Chat from my website?

When you first install Re:amaze for your website through Shopify or BigCommerce, Re:amaze will automatically install a default version of the chat widget to your theme files through their APIs. This is done so that you don't need to code anything and is designed to help you make customizations more easily.

If your store isn't ready to launch yet or if you're transitioning from another helpdesk platform, you can temporarily disable the chat widget until you're ready to show it off to customers.

If you're using Shopify or BigCommerce, you can temporarily disable the chat widget from your website by going to Settings > Chat Widgets and clicking on the "Unpublish from Shopify" or "Unpublish from BigCommerce" button.


When you're ready to launch, you can return to this page and click the "Publish to Shopify" or "Publish to BigCommerce" button.

The same method applies to Re:amaze Cues. You can easily enable or disable any Cues by clicking on either the "Publish" or "Unpublish" buttons. If you've installed Re:amaze manually on your website, you'll need to simply remove the JavaScript snippet that you've pasted to remove Re:amaze.

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