Customization Settings

Miscellaneous Settings

If there are miscellaneous things you'd like to change in your Re:amaze account, the first place to check is under Customization Settings. This menu will allow you to change things such as how you prefer to compose (HTML vs Markdown), how you want your signatures to show up, or even changing the default reminder time. Let's go through each one individually.

Replying to Messages

The default setting for replying is using our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). You can change the default composer to Markdown. See this document for more information about Markdown.


Message Signatures

You can change this setting if you'd like Re:amaze to automatically display signatures attached to customer messages. By default, Re:amaze will attempt to hide this to condense the message and reduce noise.


Dashboard Filters

If your team is currently using the Department feature, you may belong to a specific department. When conversations are assigned to this department, Re:amaze can display conversations you're a part of in your own "Me" filter.


Unresolved Indicator

If you'd like Re:amaze to display a red indicator in the browser tab's favicon when there are unresolved conversations, you may choose to display certain types of conversations via the indicator.


Default Reminder Time

When setting a reminder in Re:amaze, the default time set is to wait for 1 week. If this is too long, you can change the setting to 1 day or 3 days or even extend things by default to 2 weeks and beyond.


Inbox Swipe Actions

If you're using the Re:amaze mobile app for iOS and Android, you can change the swipe actions based on the input.


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