Mobile Notifications

Mobile Notifications

Mobile notifications are available if you have the free Re:amaze for iOS or Android mobile app installed.

Mobile notifications will follow the personal channel notifications you have set and support a unique sound from Re:amaze. In addition to displaying which devices you have registered for Re:amaze, you still have the option to control the types of notifications you receive.

To get to your Mobile Notification settings, click on your staff avatar on the top right-hand corner of your dashboard and select "Notification Settings."


From this page, click on the "Mobile Notifications" tab.


Mobile notifications in Re:amaze are also split out by event notifications and message notifications. If you're unsure what these are, please read this article.

Notification Customizations

Similar to email notifications, your mobile notifications can support customizations such as:

  • Hide content in notifications: Keep your conversation contents private in your mobile notifications.
  • Notification Hours: Your business may not sleep, but you do! You can choose what time range you would like to receive notifications.


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