Re:amaze Real Time Customer Events

Customer Events for your Re:amaze conversations helps provide you with more business and customer intelligence. Combined with an already-abundant assortment of customer data through features like Custom Fields, Customer Data Attributes, and native 3rd party app integrations such as Shopify and BigCommerce, Customer Events will offer you greater insight into real time activity.

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Customer Events is visualized using the right side panel under Recent Activity. To enable Customer Events, all you need to do is install any of the Reamaze.js Embeds on your website, store, or app:

  • Shoutbox / Chatbox
  • Lightbox
  • Embedded FAQ
  • Embedded Contact Form
  • Embedded Conversation History

To see how to install a Reamaze.js Embed, please visit our developer documentation. You may also use the Embeddable builder found in your Re:amaze account’s settings menu.

As customers visit your website, store, or app, reamaze.js will begin picking up their activity either as guest users (customers who do not provide their name or email) or authenticated users (customers who do provide their name and email). Customer Events will remember event histories for guest users for up to 7 days and authenticated users for up to 14 days.

Customer Events for Shopify

Shopify merchants with the Re:amaze app installed will gain additional functionality similar to what is available in the Re:amaze Live Dashboard. If customers are live on the store and customers have items added to their cart, Re:amaze Customer Events will reflect this on your dashboard in real time.

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