Chatbot Reporting

Chatbots are a great way to improve automation and save time for your customers as well as your staff. But without reporting, it's hard to know if your Chatbots are performing the way you want them to. With Re:amaze's Chatbot reporting, you can quickly see how many conversations Chatbots cover for your team, and how successful they are at resolving those conversations.

To access your Chatbot report, navigate to Reports > Chatbot Reports.

Before generating your report, you can filter your report by Brand, Tags, or date range. Once you have done this, click "Generate Report."


Triggered Amounts & Participation Rate

Your Chatbot report summary will contain a few different blocks of data. The Triggered Amounts and Participation Rates are the same data, just displayed differently:

  • The Triggered Amounts displays the number of conversations that triggered a bot.
  • The Participation Rate is the percentage of conversations that triggered a bot, or "where a bot participated."
Resolution Rate & Escalation Rate
  • The Resolution Rate is pretty straightforward - it displays the percentage of your conversations that were automatically resolved by your bots.
  • The Escalation Rate will show you the percentage of conversations that were escalated to Customer Support after a bot has responded.
Total Bot Counts & Chatbot Details
  • The Total Bot Counts will display a graph of resolved and escalated conversations within the time period you have selected.
  • With the Chatbot Details, you can see how specific chatbots are performing by looking at the number of times a bot was triggered, how high its resolution rate. This allows you to make changes to certain chatbots that are underperforming and may need retraining.


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