Helpdesk Migration & Other Migration Tools

Helpdesk Migration

You can easily migrate your data from most helpdesks to Re:amaze by using our authorized solutions provider, Help Desk Migration.

Help Desk Migration is an automated online service aimed at helping you efficiently import your data from other platforms to Re:amaze, and there's no coding know-how required! Simple flat-rate, records-based pricing means you can control how much data is imported or migrated.


With Help Desk Migration, you can import your data from:

Help Desk Migration can migrate critical data like conversations, contacts, knowledge base articles, etc. For more information and pricing, you'll want to contact Help Desk Migration directly.

Re:amaze Native Migration

Alternatively, Re:amaze offers a free, native migration tool for those who are switching over from Gorgias. This will turn the migration process into just a few clicks and won't require you to use any 3rd-part apps. Check out this article to learn more about our Gorgias migration tool.


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