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The customer profile page is where we store intimate details about a particular customer. The centerpiece of any customer's profile is their conversation history. Depending on whether or not you have multiple email addresses, phone numbers, or social media profiles attached to the customer, we'll display all historical conversations you've had with the customer here.

You can also manage the customer's data attributes on the profile page. If you're adding customer attributes manually, feel free to enter each key-value pair separately on the right. If you're using the Reamaze API to pre-fill customer attributes, the attributes list will be pre-filled.

The profile page also displays the customer's avatar (if they have one).

The profile page also allows you to edit the customer's name.

The profile page also allows you to archive a customer. Archiving a customer will block all future incoming messages that originate from his/her email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles. You can unarchive the customer if needed using the same action.

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