Confirming Your Facebook Permissions

If comments left on your Facebook posts are not importing into your Re:amaze inbox, or if your Facebook channel is consistently disconnecting, this is likely due to a permissions issue in your Facebook account.

When first connecting Facebook, you are prompted to authorize Re:amaze with full access to your Facebook page. This includes selecting each available permission from your Facebook permissions page.

NOTE: In order to update your permissions, you must be the Business admin of the Facebook page.

Confirm that all permissions have be selected for Re:amaze. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Facebook and login.
  2. Go to Settings (in the drop down menu on the upper right. This is your personal settings screen, not the Page's settings).


3. Go to Business Integrations.


4. Locate Re:amaze
5. Click into Re:amaze and make sure you have Blue checked boxes next to every permission. This is especially important for any permissions regarding Pages (there are quite a few!) If you're integrating Instagram, the Instagram permissions needs to be allowed as well.


Click "Save" to update your permissions and Re:amaze will automatically begin importing Facebook comments. However, some comments may not be importing depending on when they were left on your post.

Still having trouble connecting your Facebook Page? Double check your Facebook Page Role.

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