Shopify app update March 2024

On March 21st 2024, we rolled out a major update to our Shopify app! Here's a breakdown of the changes.

Before this date, we published your embeddables to your theme using Shopify's Asset API. This API allowed us to create, update, and delete files within your theme. This API has been deprecated, and we now have a theme app embed. This Shopify article has some more information about app embeds. Essentially, we will no longer be creating files in your theme, as all of our code will live in the app embed block. You'll see it under Themes > Customization:
Screen Shot 2024-03-21 at 4.09.30 PM.png
Note that to publish embeddables, the app embed needs to be toggled on. If you run into any issues updating, feel free to reach out to and we can help.

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