Translating Customer Messages

Re:amaze simplifies communication with customers who speak other languages by providing a built-in translator within your conversations.

To ensure the most effective translation, it's important to set your default language. This can be easily done in your personal user settings, which you can access by navigating to Settings > Personal Settings. On this page, simply click on the dropdown menu under "Language" to choose your preferred language. By doing so, Re:amaze will use your selected language for message translation and also to detect if a message is in a different language.


When you receive a customer message, you will see it appear in its original language. To translate the message, simply click the "Translate" button located under the message.


You'll now see the message appear in your preferred language. If for any reason you need to see the customer message in its original language, you can click "Show Original."

NOTE: Translation only works for incoming customer messages. Agent replies, when received by customers, will not be automatically translated.


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