Staff Shifts

Re:amaze offers Shifts in the Plus plan. Shifts allow you to manage your personal work hours and Vacation Days from your Staff Profile page. Shifts are used in two ways:

  • Users outside of their Shifts will not be eligible for Smart Assign
  • Users responding to conversations outside of their Shifts will not have Response Times recorded for those responses.

Additionally, (by default) if any new messages arrive on conversations assigned to a user during a Vacation Day the conversation will become unassigned so that it goes into an Awaiting status for visibility to other team members. Conversations reopening from an On Hold status will also become unassigned if the assigneed staff is on a Vacation Day. You can further change this by changing the "Shift & Vacation Unassign" preference to include Off Shift Hours as well.

Shifts are an internal tool and are not exposed to customers. If you'd like to set business Office Hours, they should be set independently from Shifts.